25 Reasons Why I Won't Hire You! -3rd Ed.

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Zenja Glass has nearly 25 years of experience as a corporate employment specialist, professional recruiter, and staffing agency owner, serving clients in the United States and abroad.  She has interviewed thousands of people for positions ranging from general labor to corporate presidents.

She has appeared on television networks including
MSNBC, ABC, and Fox News to discuss her career books and teach job seekers how to avoid costly interview mistakes. Zenja Glass received her Master of Arts degree in Organizational Communications from Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

Her latest 3rd edition book has new, revised chapters and job hunting tips for graduates and executives. Release date: July 2016.


Time is Precious.

Don't waste your precious time prepping a candidate (or yourself) for a job interview until you have read this book and learned how to avoid interview mistakes hiring authorities would NEVER tell you.

Know what is said behind closed doors so that YOU can be ahead of the game!

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I hated seeing good people miss out on job opportunities. 

I hated not knowing why a good candidate didn't get hired. 

Aggghhh!  Drove me nuts!!!

I hated hearing, "He was a good candidate, but we decided to hire someone else that was a better fit."

What the heck does that mean???

And how is that comment considered as "feedback?"

I hated no feedback!

It takes a lot of effort to prepare someone (or yourself) for a job interview... only to hear nothing back? Zippo? Nada? Are you serious?

You've probably guessed by now that I am a seasoned recruiter/ career counselor and staffing agency owner (nearly 25 years. Bio below). 

The above comments were some of my frustrations before I increased my interview:hire ratio to nearly 1:1! 

If you want traditional job interview advice about good handshakes, great eye contact/ resumes, etc., this is so NOT the book for you.  If you can identify with any of my past frustrations, and you want better results, welcome aboard!

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What You Did Wrong Before, During, and After Your Job Interview